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Here’s how you can save £45 on Our Place kitchenware

Our Place’s Always Casserole was originally launched in the UK in November 2021 and has since been a hit. This is a versatile frying pan with lots of handy features, including a steamer and a game-changing built-in spoon rest. This release was followed by the brand’s complementary pot, the Perfect Pot, made from the same lightweight aluminum and available in all those lovely covetable shades.

At £125 for the skillet and £140 for the casserole, you’re paying for quality. We were happy to see a fabulous discount on offer for Black Friday but, if you missed the sale and don’t want to wait until November to buy, their new combined offer is a good alternative.

Duo of home cooks

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As part of Our Place’s Home Cook Duo, if you buy both items together you can save £45. This brings the price of the pair down from £265 to £220. It’s no small price to pay but together these pieces can work together to meet most of your cooking needs and the pot is oven safe, as a bonus. Plus, they’ll do it while looking really pretty on your hob or open shelves.

Both items have Our Place’s signature nonstick, making cleanup really easy (since we first tried our Always pan over six months ago, we haven’t once had to scrub burnt-on food once). one time). The casserole is ideal for large family gatherings and meal prep and the skillet is our go-to now when cooking a quick dinner for two in the evening. It’s deep enough to boil pasta and the pour spout makes serving or preparing sauce much less messy.

You can choose any color combination you like, but you may have to wait a little longer for popular shades to come back in stock.

All in all, if you’re looking to upgrade your cookware with quality, lightweight pieces that will last for years to come, this is a worthwhile investment. You can grab this duo from the Our Place website here.

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