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Halfway through the season, the Rockies are in hopeless last place

The Colorado Rockies reached the halfway point of their 2022 season on Tuesday, deservedly playing against a 5-2 loss at Los Angeles.

The Rockies sit solidly in fifth place, 16.5 games behind the Dodgers. At 35-46, the club finds itself 11 games under the .500 mark, its worst mark of the season. The Rockies were once five games over par but have since played with a 19-35 record.

There’s nothing particularly interesting about the Rockies team this year. They’re not even remarkably bad, still projecting to finish 70-92. Even their point differential – almost -1 per game – is only the fourth worst in the NL. Again, not 100 bad losses.

Colorado’s best player at this point is CJ Cron; the 32-year-old is, cutting .297/.347/.552 with 20 home runs and 65 RBIs. Brendan Rodgers, Chad Kuhl and Daniel Bard are having great seasons, while Ryan McMahon, Connor Joe and Kyle Freeland are doing well.

The problem in all of this is the lack of a star player, which the purple stripes have almost always highlighted. With Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story gone, Kris Bryant was supposed to be that guy but only played 24 games due to a back injury.

To be a bottom-feeder, Colorado also lacks youth. The Rockies are in the top half of the league in age for both pitchers and hitters. Rodgers, 25, is the only hitter in purple under 26 to play a significant amount. Ryan Feltner, 25, is the only pitcher under 26 to have played in enough games to qualify.

While Rodgers is third on the team in home runs and RBI, Feltner has a 6.15 ERA.

Even worse news about the lack of young people in the Rockies is that their farming system ranks in the bottom third of most systems’ rankings. Although three of the Rockies’ four minor league teams are above .500 this season, Colorado won’t even be supported that much in this month’s MLB Draft, with its first pick at No. 10. But they will pick again at 31 for losing Trevor Story, 38 for not making enough money, and 50.

So there aren’t any exciting young players waiting to come out and wear the Rockies anytime soon. What you see at Coors Field is basically what you get.

Even focusing on the moment, Colorado is the league’s worst with 58 errors, has a pitching staff that’s allowed the second-most hits, and a roster that’s roughly sixth-worst in baseball. about 9% less than the average.

So what are the Rockies? They’re bad, old, and just not fun.

The Rockies are heading straight for last place and the best possible outcome is that they sell their plays for minor league players. But they’ve shown over the past few years by letting Story and Jon Gray walk that they’re unlikely to sell. They will earn just enough to convince themselves that they are close. And we’ll see them perform it again next year.

They will end their 30th season of baseball not near the playoffs and without the division title that has eluded them their entire history. But hey, they had a few sales this weekend to watch some fireworks.