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GSCW chat: place of predictive and prescriptive analysis in the supply chain

CHAT SUBJECT AT THE HEART OF THE HOME: Predictive and prescriptive analytics

DETAILS: When making a value proposition to current and potential customers, prescriptive and performance analytics should be part of your continuous improvement plan. Randy Ofiara discusses all things continuous improvement and the value of historical data as a way forward.

SPEAKER: Randy Ofiara, Vice President of Managed Logistics, BlueGrace Logistics.

ORGANIC : Ofiara has experience in transportation ranging from automotive and manufacturing to the Department of Defense. He has held leadership positions at XPO Logistics, YRC Worldwide and ProTrans. Currently, he helps clients use historical data from their supply chains to increase revenue, improve processes, and make informed decisions.


“Over the past two years, traditional bidding cycles and time to market have been disrupted. It is extremely important to ensure that you have the necessary data and analysis to ensure that you can enter the market at the right time. »

“The purchasing part of logistics and supply chain management is just one part of that.”

“Helping companies go further upstream, but saying what is going to happen, the predictive, and how can we get there, the prescriptive. Customers move up this value chain not only of what happened and why it happened, but also of what happens next. How to run your freight better.

“Analytics capability typically translates to a pivot table from Excel. Fifty percent of companies still use spreadsheets to manage their supply chains. »

“When you identify opportunities for improvement, it’s critical that you have the ability to execute those improvements.”

“Once we get through this reality check, what can actually be implemented in the background?”

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