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Giants climb to top spot as Deep River Horseshoe League enters final week

Chester resident John Sciacca finished third best in Division A with a streak of 143 in Week 16 in the Deep River Horseshoe League. Pictured left is John Hutra of East Haddam. Photo by Wesley Bunnell/The Courier

There’s a new team at the top of the Deep River Horseshoe League (DRHL) standings entering the final week of the regular season. The Giants took the top spot as the top seven teams in the standings made a small shuffle in Week 16 action at First Congregational Church in Deep River on August 11.

The Giants took first place in the DRHL with a 5-1 win over the Dodgers in Week 16. East Haddam resident Jim Weselcouch of the Giants finished with an 82 streak to record the second Division C’s best score for the week. .

The White Sox dropped to second place in the standings after a 3-3 tie with the Cardinals, who are now tied at three for fifth place. Westbrook resident Kris Toohey of the Cardinals posted a streak of 148 for the second-highest score in Division A in Week 16. Dennis Allen of the White Sox, also a resident of Westbrook, notched the highest score in the division B with a streak of 98 in the tie. White Sox Deep River resident Dave Atkinson threw an 85 to finish with the C Division’s best score.

Led by Deep River’s Sheryl Serviss, the Tigers cruised to a 4-2 victory over the Orioles to take third place in the DRHL last week. The Orioles slipped to a three-way tie for fifth place with the loss.

The Marlins tied the Mets 3-3 to retain fourth place. Clinton resident Mark Goodale of the Marlins led the A Division with a streak of 160, marking the fourth time he has reached or exceeded 160 points this season. The Marlins surpassed the 300-point mark for the second straight week in the win.

In other action, the Pirates and Cubs finished with a 3-3 split. The Pirates are tied at three for fifth place, while the Cubs are vying for a spot in the playoffs entering the final week of the regular season.

The Padres came away with a 3-3 tie with Rangers to stay in eighth place in the standings. The Royals and Reds finished in a 3-3 draw as both sides continued to battle for a place in the top eight playoff qualifiers. The Yankees dashed the Red Sox’s hopes of a playoff berth by claiming a 5-1 win when the two clubs met, eclipsing the 300-point barrier.

Goodale (160), Toohey (148) and Chester resident John Sciacca (143) led the way in Division A in Week 16. Allen (98) finished top scoring in Division B and was trailed by Ted Dubay of Colchester (97) and Higganum resident Frank Durinick (93). Atkinson (85) led the pack in the C Division with Weselcouch (82) and Marlborough’s Anthony Conkling (80) close behind.

After Week 16 action, the Giants sit in first place in the DRHL with their 60-36 record. The White Sox are in second place with a rating of 58.5-37.5. The Tigers are in third place at 53-43, the Marlins are in fourth place with a record of 52.5-43.5, while the Cardinals, Pirates and Orioles are tied for fifth place with their records of 51 .5-44.5. The Padres are in eighth place at 49-47 on the year. Here’s what the rest of the standings look like heading into the final week of the regular season: Royals (48-48), Reds (47.5-48.5), Cubs (47.5-48.5), Red Sox (45 ,5-50.5), Rangers (45.5-50.5), Yankees (44-52), Dodgers (43-53), Mets (41.5-54.5), Braves (40-56) and Angels (33-63).

The DRHL playoffs are scheduled to begin with the first round on Monday August 22, followed by the second round on Thursday August 25. Each of these rounds will feature a best-of-5 series. The league championship game will take place on Sunday, August 28, consisting of a best-of-7 series to determine the champion.

Information courtesy of Deep River Horseshoe League