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FOX 8 Wins 15 Top New Orleans Press Club Awards

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) — A big shout out to the staff at FOX 8. We’ve won 15 first-place awards at the New Orleans Press Club Awards.

FOX 8 walked away with 40 awards tonight among our reporters and staff. The Press Club even honored our very own Nancy Parker with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

David Bernard took home the award for “Best Weather,” Lee Zurik and Olivia Vidal won first place for continued coverage of nursing home deaths in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Lee Zurik won first place in “Broadcast Education Reporting”. Rob Krieger won first and second place in “Lifestyle Reporting” and Nicondra Norwood won first place for her “Cassie’s Collection” story.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Full list of all winners below:

Broadcast – education reporting – Lee Zurik – first place

Videography – general news – Tim Guidry – first place

Videographer photo report – Kia Callia – second place

Special Digital Media Section – Lee Zurik – Third Place “Strangled”

TV Sports Special – First Place – Fox 8 “Draft Game Plan”

TV Documentary – Lee Zurik Third Place – “Strangled”

Lifestyle TV Report – Rob Krieger – second place “Craft Beer”

Lifestyle TV Report – Rob Krieger – First Place – “Laozi Ice Cream”

Investigative Reporting – Lee Zurik – Third Place – “Danger Averted”

Lifetime Achievement Award – Nancy Parker

TV Planned Event – Fox 8 Staff First Place – “A Unique Mardi Gras”

Television environmental report Olivia Vidal – third place, Lee Zurik – second place and Lee Zurik – first place “Left for Dead”

Best Sports Program – Fox 8 – Second Place – “Final Play”

Best Television Videography Editing – John Turnipseed – third place

Videography Feature – Dave McNamara – First Place – HOL “Chico State”

Videography Visual Narrative – Kia Callia – third place “Pandemic within a Pandemic” and John Turnipseed – second place – “Strangled”

TV Sports Feature Reporting – First Place – Chris Hagan – “Running the Fans Over”

Government TV report Meg Gatto – first place – “Combatting Carbon” and Lee Zurik – third place – “New Orleans trash contract”

TV Report – Dave McNamara – third place – HOL “Steve Riley” and Rob Krieger – second place – “Full House”

Best TV Promotion – Frankie Prijatel – Third Place

Continuing TV Coverage FOX 8 – Second Place – “Seacor Power Disaster” and Lee Zurik/Olivia Vidal – First Place – “Nursing Home Deaths”

Best weather – first place – David Bernard

Digital Media Sports Blog – Sean Fazende – top spot

Best Website – Fox 8 – third place

Sports Videography – Edwin Goode – second place and Lance Washington – first place

Breaking News Videography – Lance Washington – Third Place – “Carjacking Victim Killed” & Fox 8 Staff – Second Place – “Hurricane Ida”

Best Digital Use of Twitter – Garland Gillen – third place

Television report – Nicondra Norwood – first place – “Cassie’s collection”, Rob Krieger – second place – “The crawfish king” and Shelley Brown – third place – Fox 8 Defenders “Stalled street repairs”

TV Report – Liz Reyes – Third Place – “License to Carry”

Best Chris Petrey Newscast – First Place – 9 p.m.

Best of the Best Award – “TV Reporting Writing” – Chris Hagan

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