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Find another place to build the Kalabagan police station: Minister of the Interior

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April 25, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Last modification: April 25, 2022, 7:35 PM

Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal. Photo: Collected


Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal. Photo: Collected

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today instructed the Dhaka South City Corporation find another location for the construction of the Kalabagan Police Station.

“I told the mayor, I told everyone to find an alternative. If it’s not possible, we also have to build a police station to enforce the law. We will discuss later and decide on what can be done,” the minister said while distributing Eid gifts in the capital’s Tejgaon on Monday.

Blaming urbanization for the space crisis, the Home Secretary said: “The situation is different now that we are playing our time and feeling sorry for our next generation.

“As far as Kalabagan is concerned, the interior minister said, law enforcement is of great importance. If we fail to maintain law and order, everything will collapse.”

He said Kalabagan Thana Bhaban is a long-standing effort as the police station is run in a rented building.

Asaduzzaman Khan noted that the Deputy Commissioners identified the place as “Khas” land and assigned it to Kalabagan Police Station.

“When all the processes were completed before starting construction, the city mayor asked to move the station to another location demanding that the site be left for the playground.”

He said it is normal for children to play on the playground.

“We need to provide playgrounds for children and that is why I have asked everyone concerned to find an alternative. But law enforcement is of great importance,” he said. reiterated.

Regarding the arrest of the activist and his son, the Minister said: “As far as I know they came on live video and campaigned for a lot of things that I heard were something. bit inconsistent.

The Interior Minister said: “When law enforcement could not arrest them even after repeated restraints, they were taken to the police station for questioning and after questioning they were released.

Asaduzzaman Khan made the comment following the detention of Syeda Ratna – one of the leading activists of the ‘Save Tetultala Playground’ movement – and her 17-year-old son by Kalabagan police yesterday for allegedly obstructing the work of the government.

They were later released after pledging not to interfere with government work in the future.

Previously, Kalabagan police tried to press charges against the two on the same charges.

The mother and son were brought to Kalabagan police station around 11:30 a.m. They were taken into separate custody.

People on social media have condemned police for keeping 17-year-old Abdullah in adult custody and naming him in the case.

Tetultala Playground under Ward 17 of Dhaka South City Corporation has long been used as a playground for children and other social activities like funeral prayer by locals.

But the Kalabagan police put up a sign in 2020 mentioning that the place was fixed for the police station. Residents immediately protested the action, removed the sign, and continued to use the space as before.

Police then cordoned off the space with barbed wire fences on January 31 this year. Some members of the Kalabagan Police Station were also seen regularly guarding the space.

Earlier in March, DMP officials said the Kalabagan police station compound would soon be built and there was no possibility of returning the land, which would undermine demand from local people.

A source from Dhaka South City Corporation said Tetultala Playground is not on its list of playgrounds. The locals used it as a playground.

In a notice issued by the Dhaka district administration on August 24 last year, it was mentioned that the playground is to be acquired by the government for the construction of the DMP Kalabagan thana building. In the notice, the land was mentioned as wasteland.

Later, Kalabagan residents, environmentalists, social, cultural and development activists as well as children and young people launched a protest movement against the notice on 9/11.

Syeda Ratna and the locals have been continuing the protest movement against the construction of the thana building for a long time.