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Elden Ring reaches 954,426 concurrent players, reaching sixth place on the all-time Steam chart

The past month has seen a few big launches. First, lost ark reached #2 on the all-time Steam chart with over 1.3 million players. Now, Ring of Elden took sixth placewith FromSoftware’s catalog best numbers at 953,426 players.

Ring of EldenThe February 25 launch was delayed, but clearly anticipation and word of mouth managed to drive numbers for the game. According to SteamDB, the number of initial launches hit 745,653 on launch day, but given the fluctuations, the game continued to climb, reaching the peak on Saturday. As of this writing, the numbers currently stand at over 617,000 players in-game on an average Monday a full week after launch.

With near universal acclaim in review ratings and plenty of good word of mouth for the game, there was little doubt that a new FromSoftware game would find its audience, but the numbers really show that there’s not just an audience, but that word of mouth and abundant streaming only helps. Hidetaka Miyazaki was quoted in an interview that he thinks more people will end up Ring of Elden than some of the company’s previous titles, and the open world and ability to pace yourself through content are likely factors.

However, these numbers are significant because not only have people been diving into the mysterious (and reputedly ultra-difficult) title FromSoft, but the numbers have increased over the week and are still robust. For comparison, the latest new version of FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicewhich launched in 2019, peaked at 125,315 players.

It remains to be seen where things are going, but Ring of Elden is clearly off to an impressive start. We’ll soon have our own thoughts on the game here.

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