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DreamHack will take place in San Diego next April


FACEIT, the organizers of ESL and DreamHack, announced today that the event will be held in San Diego in April 2023. The event, as of this writing, is set to take place at the San Diego Convention Center from April 7 to 9, 2023. The team didn’t have a ton of details on what would happen in this particular release, but it doesn’t take much guesswork to assume that what we saw in Atlanta this year will probably be the model for their plans in the West. Tickets for the event will go on sale soon; however, the timing of these will be revealed on their social media channels later. For now, here is the trailer and small information released to promote the event.

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“Offering all of the gaming under one roof means a wide range of activities and experiences are available to everyone who attends the three-day festival. These include professional, local and collegiate gaming competitions, a three-day LAN party, cosplay, panels, expo, art, screenings, live music, and more.Specific details for DreamHack San Diego will be announced in the coming months. DreamHack’s 2023 full world tour will be announced on DreamHack Day, December 9 – San Diego will be one of three US DreamHack’s 2022 world tour included a total of 10 festivals in seven countries.”

“We are incredibly excited to launch DreamHack San Diego. With so many partners, publishers and game organizations in California, this event is poised to be our biggest US festival yet,” said Shahin Zarrabi, vice president of strategy and growth for DreamHack. “San Diego continues to build its reputation as the host city for major industry conventions – DreamHack will add to that by creating an arena where you can come connect, explore, earn, role-play, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience.”

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