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Disabled single mother faces eviction from her sleeping quarters and cries out to aid workers – FrontPageAfrica

Under the scorching, sunny day, Wednesday November 9, 2022, Mrs Sarah Jackson, 21, was on a round of room rental (begging) from begging friends which would save her from being evicted from a room that she occupies with her two children – Joseph Chea (9 years old) and Johnnel Gargah (4 years old)

She was talking to herself and simultaneously wiping the sweat that ran down her face, some of it covering her eyes.

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After every three or four steps forward, she looked behind her to see her daughter trudging behind her.

“Grace, the car is coming!” she warned the child who had strayed out of the pedestrian lane of the road from vehicles and commuters, about a ten-tire truck with “LWSC” written on different parts of the car. “Don’t go on the road; get closer to me! We have no money to sleep, and you want to increase my pressure with a car hitting you? she added.

This writer met Sarah – no prior acquaintance in between – hopping on her sweat-soaked pair of metal crutches in the LWSC (Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation) community, Fiamah, Sinkor, Monrovia.

She was followed by Johnnel.

The disabled woman’s strange facial expression and her physical conditions – both paralyzed legs (with metal braces), feet in old shoes and abnormally small hands – elicited empathy from this writer sitting with a typist along the road leading to the LWSC headquarters in Fiamah. Community.

The writer’s empathy for this disabled mother dates back to her nine years (2013-2022) of writing-related interactions with Liberia’s disabled community (blind, mobile crutches, mobile wheelchairs, etc.) through the National Union of Organizations for the Handicapped (NUOD), beginning with the leadership of Madam Naomi B. Harris (now deceased/deceased)

NUOD is an independent umbrella to speak on behalf of all persons living with disabilities who are not covered by the Liberian Government Agency for Persons with Disabilities – National Commission on Persons with Disabilities (NCD)

After the stranger introduced himself to the disabled woman and told her about his relationship with the disabled community, he inquired as to why she was walking in the hot sun.

“I’m in the hot sun, looking for money to get a new room for me and my two children,” she answered the first question.

The stranger asked about the place she currently occupies.

“The man who owns the house is asking all the tenants to vacate the premises. He gives us, tenants, Saturday, November 12, 2022, as the deadline to live in his house. I have no money now to buy a new room for me and my children. The children’s father abandoned me when our second child was two months old. I called him a few minutes ago on the ad from the landlord of the house, but he said he too was looking for rent for the place he lived,” Sarah responded to questions from this writer.

When asked if she has any knowledge of NUOD, Sarah replied, “Not yet. But, when I have solved this problem of sleeping place, I will find it thanks to you.

To confirm what she told me, I followed her to the current house with her ‘sleeping place’. She was right! The whole building was made from sheets of aluminum (zinc) sheets. It contains ten rooms in two rows.

Only one person was in the house.

“She’s my blood sister,” Sarah introduced the lady to me.

“My name is Poliah Jackson, his older sister. I want to help my sister find a room, but I don’t have any money. I called the father of her children, but he did not answer my call. Her condition does not allow her to do work, such as selling or working for another person,” the lady said.

When asked by the reporter about the start or cause of her disability, Sarah said: “My mother told me, it started when I was ten years old. She said it started with a high fever. But, when she took me to the hospital, the doctors told her it was polio. It was polio that paralyzed me today.

After explaining the genesis of her disability, she glanced down the empty hallway of the house, sobbed and burst into tears.

“If you can get kind-hearted Liberians and foreigners living in Liberia to help me find a room for me and my grandchildren, I will be extremely happy,” she said, still crying.

Anyone wishing to save this disabled bachelor financially can reach her directly via her personal phone number – +231-770268190 – or via her biological sister’s (Poliah Jackson) phone number: +231-770525566.