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Day one can become the best Cloverfield

A silent place quickly became one of the most popular properties in modern horror and science fiction. It began in 2018, telling the story of the Abbott family trying to survive in a world where aliens hunt by sound. A sequel to the post-apocalyptic story was released in 2021, continuing the war against aliens, and ended with a radio frequency offering hope to humanity.

Interestingly, given the mysterious nature of the creatures and the overall visual aesthetic and character design, many thought Paramount could have incorporated this into the Cloverfield Universe. This kaiju series, launched by The Batmanit is Matt Reeves, also dealt with the invasion of aliens, except that they were much bigger. However, with the Oscar Black Panther actor Lupita Nyong’o is set to star in the prequel spin-off, A Quiet Place: Day Onethe franchise finally has the chance to differentiate itself from Cloverfield.

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A Quiet Place: The First Day May Reveal a True Extraterrestrial Origin

Cloverfield never offered a definitive origin story for its monster and the aliens attached to it. It is said that he fell into the ocean from space, while other theories suggest that a fallen satellite woke him up. The film’s viral marketing suggested that Japan’s ocean drilling had unleashed the beast, while The Cloverfield Paradox hinted that a space mission playing with rifts dropped the creatures on various Earths.

The lack of closure was frustrating, and admittedly it slipped into A silent place. Eventually, it was revealed that the aliens came when meteors crashed, but it was never shown how a modern planet with governments with so many weapons could be invaded. If these creatures had been as big as Godzilla and other MonsterVerse Titans or as the Cloverfield stupid, that would make sense. But they are much smaller, like in Stranger Things Demogorgons, so it’s hard to understand why rockets couldn’t take them out, why helicopters and jet planes couldn’t bomb places at the start of the spread, and how, as the movies have hinted , all these world powers have fallen. Seeing more actual takeovers would fill that huge gap, rather than just repeating the arc of having other people struggling to hide from those apex predators.

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A quiet place: the first day can show the intelligence of creatures

The initial weakness of the creatures was that they couldn’t hear beyond running water, so admittedly, while they were fast and enraged, they got a little tame here. However, John Krasinski (who starred in and directed both films) said on the Empire podcast in April 2018 that they were thinking of perfectly evolving creatures, which is why they don’t need eyes and their skin was bulletproof. Thereby, Day one can share insight into exactly how bright and coordinated they were, with the possibility existing that the meteors actually targeted military strongholds first.

It would add a slick and stunning cut to their mission, making meteors a calculated strategy rather than an accident. After all, War of the Worlds The invasion style wasn’t random, so a precursor story would do well to show these aliens were tactical, compounding why humanity underestimated them. That way, they would become more than just a parasite on the planet – they would be a veritable hostile army, with hidden queens and kings, commanding all those foot soldiers that fans thought were the main bad guys all along. And in the process, this movie sets up a perfect throwback for the third movie, set for 2025, with humanity needing more than just radio frequencies when the second wave hits.