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DAV School Wins First Place in State at PSIA

HOUSTON: DAV Montessori and Elementary students participated in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) State Meeting held Saturday, May 7, on the campus of Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth. This event is rooted in virtue and academic excellence and is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication.

Prior to the event, twenty-seven DAV students participated in the district meet, earning fifty-two wins! Thirteen students placed first, ten second, eight third, thirteen fourth, seven fifth and one sixth. Students competed in various categories including math, spelling, writing, dictionary skills, storytelling, maps, graphs and tables, among others. Fourteen students qualified for the state competition and won 19 awards in various categories.

Among the winners, three placed first, five placed second and one third. The performance of this school bears witness to the rigor and training put forward by the teachers and supported by the parents. It’s no wonder so many Indian-American families have chosen to send their children for the prestigious program offered by DAVMES – the perfect culmination of academics, multicultural appreciation, and moral character.

The state winners were: Ansh Shah (1st place, creative writing), Riana Patel (2nd place, storytelling),
Aabha Yeole (1st place, Spelling), Tanish Zanwar (6th place, Storytelling), Akshara Chaudhari (2nd place,
Narration), Yash Tayal (2nd place, Spelling), Virinchi Vinjamuri (2nd place, Spelling), Vraj Patel (1st place,
Number, 3rd place, Mathematics, 5th place, Spelling), Jasmine Kadakia (2nd place, Mathematics, 5th place, Listening
Skills, 7th place, Spelling), Samyak Nakil (4th place, Maps, graphs and tables, 7th place, Dictionary skills),
Vedant Sharda (5th place, dictionary skills, 6th place, maps, graphs and tables), Dhruvi Shah (9th place,
Ready Writing), Sohum Jhingran (4th place, Information skills).

The DAV school is in the process of registering for the 2022-2023 school year for preschool – 5th grade.

To schedule a visit or for more information contact Ms. Arti Khanna at (281) 759-3286 or email
[email protected] The first day of school is August 15, 2022. Register today to start the
course of excellence.