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Cumbria takes 4th place in a national survey of businesses’ use of social media

CUMBRIA has been recognized as one of the top five regions in the UK where street businesses use social media most effectively, in a national study covering the second half of 2021.

A study, conducted by social media specialists Maybe Tech from July 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022, takes into account several factors, including how many businesses in a region are on social media, how active they are, engagement of their content and consumer sentiment towards their posts. .

Cumbria’s high street businesses reached fourth place, ahead of major metropolitan areas like Liverpool (fifth), Cardiff (eighth) and Leeds (ninth) out of more than 398 main council areas in the UK.

Around 28,000 high street businesses in Cumbria have an online presence, from websites to Google My Business listings. Of these, around 6,300 (23%) use social media, including 2,000 who have a social media account and post regularly (at least once every two days).

On average, county-based businesses between them post more than 14,000 times a day to each other on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Gerard Richardson MBE, who runs Richardsons of Whitehaven, explains: “We use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram every day posting different products with direct links to our website and we get a sale about 90% of the time. We tend to find that alternating between product photos and in-store videos yields the best results.

“The best example of a specific recovery would be in November 2021. We had been out of stock of our key product from New Zealand due to shipping container issues, it finally arrived and we posted it on social networks with the result of a more than 200 percent increase in turnover for a few days after.

“LinkedIn is an increasingly effective means of promotion as many companies allow their staff to have this openness at work, but Facebook is better for short-term active promotions.”

Polly Barnfield, CEO of Maybe Tech, who conducted the analysis, said: “Thousands of high street businesses in Cumbria are using social media exactly as it should be used – to showcase their products and services, while showcasing their character and personality – and most importantly – increasing traffic to their physical and online stores.

“Engaging social media content should be uplifting, inspiring and shopper friendly and businesses in Cumbria are creating this type of content in abundance.

“What we regularly hear from high street businesses is that social media not only raises awareness of what they do online, but acts as a catalyst to entice consumers to visit their premises in person. It is this factor that should make social media and its effective use an essential part of any company’s post-Covid growth strategy.

The full regional ranking covering the period from July 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022 compiled by Maybe Tech can be viewed below.

  1. Surrey
  2. Manchester
  3. London
  4. Cumbria
  5. liverpool
  6. Kent
  7. Oxfordshire
  8. Cardiff
  9. Leeds
  10. Essex