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CPM unveils a dual strategy to put Guv Khan in his place; March of Raj Bhavan on November 15

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM Secretary of State, MV Govindan has unveiled a two-pronged strategy to downsize Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.

On the one hand, Govindan said the LDF would go “to whatever extent” to defeat the governor’s excesses of power; Govindan was basically saying that the government would even ask the Supreme Court to expose Khan’s actions. Already, the government has received legal advice to move the Supreme Court against the governor’s indefinite delay in giving assent to bills passed by the Kerala Assembly, including the University Acts Amendment and the Kerala Lok Ayukta.

Simultaneously, the party would raise awareness against the governor’s “sinister designs” in the higher education sector. Govindan said a Higher Education Protection Council under the leadership of neurosurgeon, public health activist and Planning Council member Dr B Ekbal has been formed for this purpose.

The CPM Secretary of State said public awareness campaigns would culminate with a massive march by Raj Bhavan on November 15.

CPM Secretary General Sitaram Yechury will inaugurate the march. Since the CPM decided to also enlist the DMK in its fight against the governor, the party’s MP Rajya Sabha, Thiruchi Silva, was also invited to the mass demonstration on November 15.

“On that day, all districts will hold protest marches with massive turnout,” Govindan said.

However, Govindan did not state outright that the governor would be stripped of his chancellor’s powers. “We have arrived at a situation where it is imminent that we seriously consider whether the governor should continue to have this power,” Govindan said.

The CPM chief also accused Congress of being a mere spectator as Khan undermines universities in Kerala.

BJP State Chairman K Surendran addressing a SilverLine protest in Chengennur, Alappuzha on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s state unit understandably didn’t take Govindan’s remarks very kindly. He denounced the CPM camp for trying to threaten the governor.

The party’s state chairman, K Surendran, announced protests against the CPM-led government – on November 18-19. The CPM is trying to overthrow the rule of law, Surendran alleged.