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C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California Wins First Place and Biggest Cash Prize at National Kids Tech Summit

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — C5 Foundation for the Youth of Southern California (C5LA) took top honors at the National Kids Tech Summit held friday april 22. The friendly competition was hosted by Connected Nation (CN) a national nonprofit and sponsored by AT&T’s Connected Learning program.

“Participants enhanced their digital learning outside of the classroom while focusing on community service.”

The virtual event featured competitors from four student teams who represented nonprofits from across the country, ranging from New Jersey in Hawaii. Student teams were challenged to find ways to use technology and their digital skills to create a project that helps others in their communities while bridging the digital divide.

“We wanted participants to look for ways to enhance their digital learning outside of the classroom while also focusing on community service,” said heather gate, Vice President, Digital Inclusion, CN. “The hope is that these projects will help students develop their digital skills in new ways, while providing a solid foundation to create positive and proactive change within their own communities.”

Teams first had to earn their place in the final by submitting applications earlier this year to participate. The last four teams to participate in the Kids Tech Summit won cash prizes to help bring their projects to fruition. Here’s how the judges placed the contestants:

  1. C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California situated in Los Angeles, CA$7,500
  2. Pi515 located in Des Moines, Iowa$5,000
  3. Computers 4 People located in Hoboken, New Jersey$3,500
  4. Kahauiki Village located in HonoluluHawaii – $2,000

C5LA provides students with support and guidance throughout high school and into their early college years. The program demands a high level of commitment from students – even requiring them to attend summer and weekend programs. The organization’s community project focuses on introducing STEM to younger populations.

“Our idea is to connect STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to the interests children already have,” Mariela Cruz Suarezwhich is a 10and grader at Abraham Lincoln High School, said about the project. “Before last summer, I didn’t know what STEM was or what to make with it. But I’ve since learned that as an aspiring entrepreneur, I use STEM to go from idea to creation myself. -same.”

If you missed the contest, you can still watch it with your kids or students by going to You can also learn more about all participating teams by visiting

The Kids Tech Summit is a continuation of AT&T $10 million commitment to helping the country’s most at-risk children. Through this commitment, AT&T and Connected Nation provided hotspots to 150 schools and nonprofits across the country in 2021, providing connectivity to more than 40,000 vulnerable students.

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