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Blackhawks, Bulls, Big Ten: Voters weigh in with new polling place

Kyle Davidson has his work cut out for him. All the Blackhawks’ new general manager — “interim,” schminterim — needs to do is take an organization that’s been looking down on its championship past from the bottom of a ravine and make it great again. What could go wrong?

In this week’s “Polling Place” — your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter — we asked you how confident you were that this rebuild will be a success. “Cautiously optimistic” might be the best way to describe the voting results.

“He has a really tough job,” @TopShelfSports0 commented. “[Predecessor] Stan Bowman sold the farm and took him on big deals. He will have to maximize his movements. It will probably take five years.

We also asked about Big Ten basketball and the playoffs and — come on, guys — what the Bulls’ biggest problem is when they come up against top opponents.

“Health is definitely a great reason they struggled,” wrote @KurtisArndt, “but I think size might be the underlying issue. When healthy, this team is amazing.

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Poll #1: How confident are you that the Blackhawks’ rebuild led by new general manager Kyle Davidson will be a success?

Results: Almost all of the Hawks’ Stanley Cup winners are long gone. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are staying, but does that even make sense? And for how long ? There’s so much that Davidson and his team haven’t even started working on yet. “If he sticks with rebuilding, he will succeed,” @DadsThumb offered. “But success does not guarantee a Cup.” It’s a fact, Jack.

Poll #2: Which Big Ten basketball team will have the most success in the playoffs?

Results: The Illini have guards that can really warm up deep, a strong defensive mindset and – oh, yeah – a one-of-a-kind Kofi Cockburn in the middle. The Boilermakers have great height and depth and an outstanding athlete in Jaden Ivey. Badgers? They are just regular season champions who win every close game. It’s hard to choose, but one thing we know: 2000 remains the year of the last national league title.

Poll #3: What’s the biggest reason the Bulls struggle so much against top-flight competition?

Results: As you can see, three out of five respondents point to the extended absences of Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso and Patrick Williams. If the Bulls were fully stocked, would things really end differently against the 76ers, Heat, Warriors and the rest of the best? That’s definitely the more forgiving way to look at it. “Poor Bulls fans,” @MJA773 wrote. “They will never learn.”