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Billboard Declares Kanye West’s ‘DONDA 2’ Unreadable for Chart Spot – News

Billboard announced that Kanye West’s upcoming album ‘DONDA 2’ will not have a chance to appear on the charts because the album violated its ‘bundle offer policy’.

The disc, set to be released exclusively through Kanye’s $200 Stem Player, violates BillboardThe rule implemented in 2020 prevents all records sold as or with merchandise from entering the charts.

Ye’s upcoming album is set to be released on a device that allows listeners to tailor tracks by customizing bass, vocals, drums, and samples. The limited edition $200 Stem Player is the only place fans will be able to access the album.

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Now, Billboard excluded “DONDA 2” from appearing on the charts to “more accurately reflect consumer choice,” according to the music company.

“As such, the Stem/DONDA the package would fall into Billboardthe latest merch bundle policy, where albums sold with merchandise are not eligible for the charts,” they revealed.

The merchandise bundle policy went into effect two years ago, banning albums sold with merchandise from entering the Billboard charts.

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“Since the Stem Player is a relatively new concept, however, people familiar with the subject of both Billboard and MRC say they plan to continue to monitor its progress with regards to card eligibility,” they added.

According to Ye, the rapper made over $1.3 million in sales in the first 24 hours after releasing his Stem Player. On February 18, it was reported that he earned $8.6 million from the sale of 39,500 Stem Players.

Kanye revealed that the move was an act to boycott streaming services that pay artists unfair wages. Last week, Kanye added 12 new tracks to the Stem Player after fans expressed disappointment that the new album didn’t come out on its originally scheduled date.

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