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Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently serving more than two million users in 50 countries, Bitget has accelerated its mission to promote decentralized finance in 2021 with a workforce of 500 people spread across more than twenty countries..

Since Bitget’s official launch into the crypto derivatives market in June 2019, the platform has become one of the largest crypto copy and derivatives trading exchanges in the world, with the latest round of funding launching the company into a valuation of several billion dollars.

Additionally, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the most popular price tracking websites for crypto assets, ranked Bitget in the top five globally for derivatives trading by volume.

Bitget offers several products that can appeal to both crypto newcomers and sophisticated traders. For new investors, Bitget offers spot trading on its platform. For experienced traders, Bitget supports futures trading.

Bitget also provides a copy futures trading service allowing investors to copy and execute the trades of professional traders and benefit from their experience.

Bitget has put great effort into product innovation. Currently, the Bitget futures product lineup consists of COIN-margined and USDT-margined futures.

In June 2019, Bitget launched the world’s first USDT margin futures. In 2020, Bitget was the first exchange to introduce copy crypto futures trading and is currently the largest copy crypto futures trading platform in the industry.

In 2021, Bitget launched the world’s first Quanto swaps (this feature is still not supported by other exchanges such as Binance, FTX and Bybit). For more information on Quanto Swap contracts, please visit.

Benefits of creating an account with Bitget

As we stand out among other cryptocurrency exchanges for our unique and innovative trading products, one of which is Bitget One-Click Copy Trade. You could follow in the footsteps of our top traders and achieve your goals without in-depth trading knowledge.

On Bitget One-Click Copy Trade, you can choose an expert trader to follow by copying their trading movements, including what to trade, when to trade and percentage of holdings. It can be done automatically and instantly.

Expert investors share their trading history, allowing other investors to copy their trading strategies. Since the cryptocurrency market is so volatile yet profitable, Bitget realized that a second-speed copy trading feature would be popular in the crypto market.

Is Bitget’s one-click copy trading reliable?

On Bitget’s one-click copy, there are over 12,000 professional traders, with over 380,000 subscribers to date. Our merchants have earned over $100 million in total revenue, while our subscribers have collectively earned over $120 million.

In order to maintain a transparent trading environment on our platform for all parties, all trader data is publicly available and records have been strictly reviewed by Bitget. The data reflects trading behaviors on our platform.

In order for you to follow in the footsteps of our top traders and achieve your goals without in-depth trading knowledge, you do not need to actively buy and sell assets. You don’t have to spend hours researching the market. The application will do everything for you: it automatically synchronizes the opening and closing actions of the trader. This simplifies crypto investing.

Moreover, Bitget has a stable and secure trading system to ensure that there is no overload in extreme market fluctuations. Such a secure system allows users to make good use of its quantitative trading tools and trade at ease.

If you need urgent support at midnight, Bitget always has you! — 24/7 localized language customer support is here to help. Key customers can even benefit from full one-on-one support.

Click the link below to download Bitget and create an account. By visiting the Bitget Rewards Center and completing the simple tasks after signing up, you can enjoy a reward of $153. Join the Bitget community with a total of 2 million users worldwide now.

Launching ramp

Bitget’s Launchpad is designed for the sole purpose of giving users quick access to the brightest projects for participation and rewards.

Bitget Launchpad is made in a subscription format. Participate by holding assets or trading to receive lottery tickets and get a chance to buy tokens right from the start with BGB. Your assets in Spot and Futures accounts will be automatically calculated once you sign up for the Launchpad.


Bitget is partnering with some of the world’s most pioneering and beloved brands to enhance its own global expansion strategy, as well as to drive global adoption of decentralized finance. In September 2021, he announced his sponsorship of Italy’s oldest and most established club, Juventus FC, as its first-ever sleeve partner.

This is the first Sleeve Partnership in the club’s history. The fact that the exchange is the official sponsor of Juventus also adds a layer of security when it comes to both customer protection, reputation, regulation and brand awareness.

Bitget is also associated with the PGL Major as an official crypto esports partner. Additionally, it has a proud association as of 2022, Turkey’s leading and long-standing football club, Galatasaray FC

Additionally, the exchange just announced sponsorship of PGL RMR and PGL Major Antwerp 2022, as well as PGL DOTA 2 MAJOR ARLINGTON 2022. This is Bitget’s second partnership with the global tournament organizer.

Founded in 2002, PGL is an innovative and independent tournament organizer. Since its launch, PGL has organized offline events and produced sports-related content for national and international audiences.


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