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Best place to buy a beach house in the USA for the summer

Finding the perfect beach house is a challenge because it has to suit you and your family – and most likely earn a living by bringing in tenants when not in use.

As second home sales continue to skyrocket and we’re all looking for the best place to buy a home, these are the places to watch for the perfect escape.

If you’re not tempted by the best places to buy a second home in Europe and prefer a place within the United States vacation rental site, Vacasa, revealed the best places to buy a beach house in a new report. Vacasa analyzed home sales and vacation rental performance data for the past 12 months for vacation destinations across the United States.

Best place to buy a beach house in the USA

From Alabama to Michigan, these are the best places to buy a beach house in the United States right now.

1. Gulf Shores, Alabama

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At number one on the list and with more than 32 miles of white-sand beaches, Gulf Shores is a mecca of pure paradise on the Alabama coast, says Daned Kirkham, senior director of real estate at Vacasa. However, this family destination offers more than beach life; Award-winning restaurants, championship golf, amusement parks and water sports attract visitors year-round.

A vacation home or condo in Gulf Shores will cost around $400,000, but can earn a cap rate (rental rate of return) of over 10%. “It’s this attractive gross rental income that makes Gulf Shores the premier destination for a beach house,” says Vicky Noufal, owner of the Platinum Group Real Estate Team at Pearson Smith Realty.

2. Corolla, North Carolina

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The popularity of the Outer Banks may have increased given recent international exposure to the hit Netflix show of the same name, but those lucky enough to know this region already know that it is one of the best places to buy a beach house in North Carolina. .

With minimal development, but access to top-notch dining, shopping and entertainment, it’s popular with those looking for a rejuvenating getaway, says Daned Kirkham. You’ll pay an average of $608,953, but to shore up the investment, a vacation rental property in Corolla could bring in around $77,000 in median annual gross rental income. “The Corolla is a popular vacation destination,” says real estate agent Ben Fisher, of Fisher Group.

If you’re looking for coastal living room ideas, “spacious Corolla vacation rentals offer upscale amenities, including private pools, game rooms, hot tubs, volleyball courts and more” , adds Ben.

3. Navarre Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida

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Navarre Beach, Florida is famous for its crystal clear emerald waters, warm weather and spectacular views, and Vacasa has found this relaxing beach community just east of Pensacola an affordable place to invest. The median home sale price sits below $400,000 at $382,392, with a cap rate of 6.6% to boot.

Vacasa also picks Daytona Beach, known for its miles of white sand, scuba diving, golf and shopping, in its top five. “It’s a smart choice for those who want to make a great real estate investment,” says Vicky. “Because Daytona Beach real estate values ​​are rising, the rental market is also very strong in this area.” Currently, Vacasa estimates the median price to be £247,960, with a cap rate of 6.5%, so the NASCAR speedway house looks like a solid bet.

4. New Buffalo, Michigan

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Michigan’s gateway may not immediately be considered beach house territory, but look closer and you’ll find that the beach-like lakefront has a lot to offer in, say, Vacasa.

A small lighthouse anchors the town, which is just an hour from Chicago, and is ideal for a quick trip to relax. Those who like to live a peaceful life with a suburban feel move to this area, Vacasa reports.

‘How great would a town be that’s moments from the highway, but seems completely removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown?’ said Ben. ‘New Buffalo is exactly that. An overwhelming view of Lake Michigan, and many more delights to offer beyond. If you’re spending a sunny afternoon there playing on the sand or going on a boating adventure in the boat launch area, you’ll be okay too.

With a median home price of $569,873, New Buffalo has a charming downtown neighborhood lined with restaurants and breweries, as well as a casino and active marina. Holding steady at a 6.6% cap rate, the median annual gross rental income for this Midwestern escape is just over $58,000.

If you are looking for a summer beach house, one of these locations could be a great investment option.