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Bears’ past NFL draft trades put Ryan Poles in a tough spot

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles recently said he would be willing to move picks to earn more selections in the 2022 NFL Draft. created for him.

The past

Over the past few years, the Bears have had a poor track record of coughing up draft picks and not seeing much in return. Ryan Pace frequently traded to pick the players he wanted while simultaneously costing the organization future draft capital. While the book is still open on Justin Fields, this strategy has rarely worked the way Pace intended.

Due to past regime dealings, Pole is entering his first draft as general manager with just six picks — and no first-round picks. Alas, the past will continue to haunt the future. It’s a difficult situation, but the new Bears general manager must play the cards that have been dealt to him.

The present and the future

Earlier this offseason, Ryan Poles added a second-round pick (No. 48 overall) to the Chicago Bears’ 2022 NFL Draft roster via Khalil Mack trade. That trade also earned the Bears a sixth-round selection in the 2023 draft. But what other moves can the Poles make to earn more picks in this year’s draft or in the future?

The Bears need depth all over the court, and this year’s draft could help them acquire some of the missing pieces. The Poles noted the offensive line, defensive backs and defensive line as deep positions in this year’s draft. What the Bears do with their second-round selection will likely factor into how they navigate the rest of the field.

Still, the Poles face a tough challenge: Is he willing to buy future picks to bolster the Bears’ 2022 NFL Draft class? An overly aggressive immediate approach could lead to a repeat of the mistakes of past GMs. But at the same time, he will surely want to make a positive first impression to give hope for the 2022 season and beyond.

Only time will tell which route the Poles decide to take, but the Bears are confident they have the right guy to steer the ship.

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