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Are you still working from home? New Jersey is the best place to do it

It’s been over two years since the huge shift to work from home thanks to COVID 19. Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress in resuming in-person work, but many companies and employers have opted to keep the work structure from a distance . No shame in that! Especially with gas prices these days? Psh. So if you’re still crushing that 4-second commute from your bed to your home office, hold those Zoom meetings in your pajama pants and take those longer-than-necessary nap breaks in your own bed…s’ proves New Jersey is the perfect place to do it!

According to a new WalletHub studyNew Jersey is THE BEST state in the country for working from home!

Ladies and gentlemen… We have one! It’s not every day that New Jersey is #1 for something good in this type of study, so take a moment to soak up this one!

When determining how easy it is to work from home, location might not be the first factor you think of, but it turns out to be a pretty big factor. Think about the cost of the internet, the price of electricity, cybersecurity costs, the size of your home, and the number of people in your household.

In this study, the 50 states were compared to each other on 12 key parameters. See the classified map below.

And by the way, Delaware and New York aren’t too bad on this ranked list either. They ranked in the Top 10 with Delaware at No. 3 and New York at No. 10.

Alexa, play “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony!

Zoom in, New Jersey!

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