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“America is supposed to be the place to come to build a new life, a better life”

“America is supposed to be the place to come to build a new life, a better life”

October 28, 2022 by AFP

True Cost of Washington Tour logo that reads,

This summer, as inflation hit historic highs, Americans for Prosperity staff and volunteers hosted more than 130 True Cost of Washington events at gas stations and grocery stores in more than 30 states to drive down prices and connecting Americans to Washington’s role in inflation and solutions. for our current economic difficulties.

To give you an overview of the tour, we spoke with the crew work In the wings for everything to happen.

This week’s interview features AFP operations contractor Greg Dowell, who shared his most moving encounter with a Wisconsin family and left us with an important reminder:

“America is NOT meant to be a country of desperation or grudging acceptance. It’s meant to be the place where people can come or already be here and build a new life, a better life, with a hard work and determination.

How do you feel now that the True Cost Truck is retired?

GD: It’s a bit sad, but to make a difference, you have to change. There is more work to do and leaving the truck behind will give us more flexibility to reach people in need.

The True Cost of Washington Tour truck enters Tennessee on its way to help Americans suffering from inflation caused by Washington's wasteful spending

The True Cost Tour truck is heading to another True Cost of Washington event to help everyday Americans struggling with historic inflation.

You have been to many cities. Was there anything in common from stop to stop?

GD: It was my first time discovering the northwest and southwest of America, so every place felt very new and foreign to me.

However, by organizing events and speaking with people, I felt a common theme of acceptance, let’s say despair, at the state of the nation. Many people don’t know or even believe that they can make a difference in what happens in our nation’s capital.

What did you hear the most from the clients you spoke with during the tour?

GD: Gratitude. Some people knew what was happening when they arrived at an event. Others came with skepticism. All left us with heartfelt thanks to me and the team. The little things make a difference.

Greg Dowell (second from right) with the rest of the True Cost road crew and some volunteers just before one of their True Cost of Washington events where they lowered gas prices and discussed the historic inflation.

How have you seen inflation and high prices affect people? Was there anything sticking out?

GD: The “click” challenge, where we captured people filling their tanks all the way, was the most consistent reality check.

People had really gone from $10 fill-ins to another. The anxiety and worry that this choice caused them was immense. People who were just trying to get to work to do their job didn’t know if or how they were going to get there.

Then there were all the stories of canceled trips and failed summer leagues. People are trying to survive, not thrive, and that’s not how it should be.

The True Cost of Washington Truck knew exactly where inflation and high gas prices were hurting ordinary Americans: at the gas pump.

Many of the people Greg and his teammates spoke to knew where inflation — caused by Washington’s wasteful spending — was hurting them: in their wallets and at the gas pump.

What was your most memorable experience on the tour?

GD: In Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to speak to a woman with her child at a gas station. As I explained to her that we were helping with gas prices, she held back tears.

She explained that she lives in low-rent housing and her building supervisor has given notice to everyone in the building to fix this or that or face consequences, even possible evictions .

She didn’t know how she was going to pay for the repairs, but saving that money would definitely help offset that cost.

How many kilometers have you traveled?

GD: I do not really know. 5,000 to 7,000 miles?? Will drove the most, and I probably drove second. I mainly drove the van while Will took care of the truck.

Greg Dowell grabs a few snacks on the long and winding road of AFP's True Cost of Washington tour

Snacks were an important part of the True Cost of Washington tour.

What is one thing you would like people who can make a difference to know about what you saw or heard from people throughout the tour?

GD: That they can, and must, do something to solve this problem.

America is NOT meant to be a country of desperation or grudging acceptance. It’s supposed to be the place where people can come or already be here and build a new life, a better life, with hard work and determination..

Set us up for success. Don’t burden us with more and more failed policies.

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