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A new sweet shop is part of Pioneer Place – InForum

WEST FARGO — When the COVID-19 pandemic began to suffocate busy lives around the world, teacher Katie Krumwiede began looking for ways to nurture her own creativity and she turned to the art of cookies .

Now she is moving her hobby-turned-business to a store that will be located in Pioneer Place, north of Sheyenne Street, named Cookie Krums.

Although as a teacher Krumwiede could exercise some creativity, she began to search for a way to express this side of herself even more. She started watching cookie decorating videos online and from there she was hooked.

“I’ve always been a crafty person and like to be creative and try new things,” Krumwiede said. “From the second I finished my first cookie, I was totally hooked, creating this beautiful piece out of nothing and then all of a sudden it’s something really pretty.”

Katie Krumwiede will open her first cookie shop at Pioneer Place on Sheyenne Street. Special for the pioneer


Krumwiede then took a year off from teaching fourth graders and started selling her artistic cookies which can be made on many different themes and ideas for anyone who wants them.

For example, Krumwiede will soon attempt to create a line of “Yellowstone” cookies based on the popular Montana-based TV show about one family’s battle to continue their ranching legacy.

Cookie Krums welcomes custom orders, including those for large events.

A cookie sampler designed by Cookie Krums, which will open in West Fargo in February.  Special for the Pioneer.

Krumwiede plans to open its first storefront on February 1, although its full kitchen is not yet ready. However, with the new shop, she will be able to combine her teaching skills with cookies by hosting cookie decorating classes, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Cookie Krums will also be offering take-out Valentine’s Day kits that will include not only cookies, but also decorating tips and materials, as well as a game any couple can play.


A cookie sampler designed by Cookie Krums, which will open in West Fargo in February. Special for the Pioneer.

Cookie Krums will fit right in with Pioneer Place, which is already home to Thunder Coffee, Ferguson Books and Grateful Cratefuls. One can stop for a cup of coffee before leafing through books and gifts and heading home with a sweet treat.

“This is my first storefront and I’m really excited,” Krumwiede said. “I’ll be right next to Grateful Crateful and I’m so excited to be with this whole group of people, they’re awesome.”

Krumwiede has created and designed cookies for special occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and baptisms.

“You name it and I did it,” Krumwiede said. “It’s really fun to customize and find a way that matches everyone’s personality.”

“These aren’t your usual cookies,” Krumwiede said. “They are more artistically designed.”

“I went to get some cookies and it blossomed,” Krumwiede said. “So far I” do not return.

In addition to offering classes, Krumwiede said Cookie Krums will offer birthday party options that can include instructor-led decorating or open-ended cookie decorating so that each child receives a craft kit and they be free to be creative with the decoration of your choice.

To place an order or find out about upcoming classes or events at Cookie Krums, visit or follow Krumwiede on Instagram at