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A group of friends from Maryland helps a Ukrainian family find a place to live – NBC4 Washington

A group of friends from Maryland with ties to Ukraine have come together to ensure that a Ukrainian family who fled to the United States have a roof over their heads.

Anna and Sergei Bodak and their two sons fled their home in kyiv two days after the Russian invasion.

“We didn’t really think about what the future held for us. Our main goal was to get the children out of the country to a safe place,” Anna Bodak said.

As their country was being destroyed, the family traveled west to Poland and then flew to America, where their youngest son has citizenship.

“We came to the United States with no understanding of what was going to happen. We had no idea what our future held for us and we are really impressed by the number of people who came,” Sergei Bodak said. .

Faina and Arkady Stepensky, Ukrainian immigrants themselves, are among those who came to their aid.

As the Stepenskys watched the invasion unfold, they told themselves that if they could help one family, they would.

Someone helped us when we arrived. Now it’s our turn to help someone else,” said Faina Stepensky.

Enter Steve Wasser, a Montgomery County resident and the son of a Ukrainian immigrant.

“I called Faina and said, ‘How can I help?’ and she said, ‘We need an apartment,'” Wasser said.

The Bodaks signed the lease for a new apartment on Thursday.

“We’re going to find a way to house other people and we’re going to find a way to help and hopefully there are people all over the country to do the same,” Wasser said.

The Bodaks said they hope to return one day to rebuild their country, but the needs of their children come first.

“I want them to be healthy first and foremost. I want them to be happy and I want them to be educated and I want them to be free,” Anna Bodak said.

“It’s very difficult to put in one word but God is in our life. Nothing is impossible in life and dreams come true,” said Sergei Bodak.

For more information on how to help the Bodaks or to help other families, you can email Steve Wasser [email protected]