Place residence

£65million to ensure everyone has a ‘place to call home’

Climate Change Minister Julie James today (Friday July 29) announced £65million to help people move from temporary accommodation to a place they can call home.

The money will be used to fund the Transitional Accommodation Capital Program (TACP) which supports a wide range of projects by local authorities and registered social landlords to create much needed additional accommodation capacity across Wales.

The program will commission more than 1,000 additional homes over the next 18 months. Almost half will be long-term or permanent residences, with the rest providing good quality accommodation that can be used by individuals and families for several years.

Projects include the use of high quality houses using modern construction methods, renovation and reconfiguration of existing buildings.

Local authorities and registered social landlords will use the funding in a number of ways, including:

  • Rehabilitate unused and mothballed properties that would otherwise not be re-let as housing for individuals and families
  • Renovation of an existing dwelling
  • Transform buildings into quality housing
  • Use modern building methods as a form of medium-term housing at some sites as they are being developed for permanent housing.

Climate Change Minister Julie James said: “Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to provide housing to everyone who needs it.

“We made sure no one was sleeping rough or facing homelessness during a public health emergency.

“We must now build on this and continue to work to tackle and prevent homelessness by ensuring that incidents are rare, brief and not repeated.

“We have successfully helped thousands of people find temporary accommodation over the past two and a half years, but many more are still turning to our local authorities for urgent help.

“Our ambition is for everyone to have safe, suitable and permanent housing, but our housing system is under great pressure, which is why we are building more social housing.

“When people are housed in hotels or bed and breakfasts, in particular, it can be difficult for them to get on with their lives. We need more high-quality transitional accommodation options – places they can call their own – to allow people to get on with their lives, while we help them find permanent accommodation.

“I am making available up to £40m in capital funding to support a range of initiatives by our local authorities and registered social landlords to ensure that even more people have a place to call home.

“These projects will provide much needed quality housing to help ease pressure on housing services over the medium term.

“This work will complement what we are already doing to build an additional 20,000 permanent low-carbon social housing units this Senedd term.”