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3 reasons why the next State of Play PlayStation will take place in the next 21 days

Sony’s latest State of Play event turned out to be a huge success as they revealed information about some highly anticipated titles. From talking about a Resident 4 Evil Remake to announcing Horizon Call of the Mountain, the franchise had its fans delighted.


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Still, a handful remained dissatisfied as the event did not reveal any information about Gran Tourismo 7 and God of War Ragnarok. Although we now have some reason to prove that Sony may announce the state of play soon.


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A few reasons why we think Sony is hosting State of Play next month!

Even though Sony has left gaming fans guessing, there are several possible reasons that we believe hold the key to hinting at the event.

First reason:

Sony had released a trailer for Ragnarok in 2021, promising the game to be released soon. Unfortunately, they had to halt production for a few months as the developers went through a bad phase during COVID-19. Fans were upset by this information as they were highly anticipating this one.

Now, rumors are swirling around the internet claiming that Santa Monica will announce a release date for God of War next month. Previously, three the leaks had reported that the game would be moved to 2023, but changed their minds after the Summer Games Fest. Interestingly, Ragnarok is the franchise’s biggest release this year, as its prequel was released four years ago.

It’s important to understand that Sony will always hold a state of play to announce such massive releases. So, if the leaked information turns out to be true, we will soon witness an event.

Second reason:

A few months ago, Sony released Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 4 and 5. Fans had multiple complaints about the game as they had limited options to choose from. Looking at this, the developers have added an update by introducing new cars in the game.


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Apart from that, players also got access to the new circuits and cafes in the world. Although, this time the developers felt the need for a new update, which led to the game’s producer, Kaz Yamaguchi, announcing it on Twitter.

He said, ‘The update is coming next week.’ Again, it’s crucial to note that Gran Turismo is one of the highest-grossing PlayStation titles, therefore Sony would only announce an update during a big event.

Third reason:


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Sources have revealed information about Sony developing an all-new controller for the PlayStation 5. Codenamed HUNT, the controller will have detachable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons (flip paddles). It is therefore important to understand that Sony will only reveal this information by holding an event.


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The Japanese giant is very discreet about announcements of such events. So we will be happy to let you know whenever they make an official announcement.

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