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3-layer security in place in Tirumala

Tirumala: Narasimha Kishore, TTD Vigilance and Security Officer (CVSO), said that every effort is being made to provide enjoyable and trouble-free darshan and vahana seva to devotees during Srivari Brahmotsavams in Tirumala. Bhavan in Tirumala on Monday, the CVSO said TTD was operating a three-tier check and search to ensure the safety and security of worshipers against anti-social and other possible threats.

The first check takes place at the Alipiri checkpoint, later inside the Srivari temple and then on the streets of Mada.

Second, TTD has installed 2,200 DC cameras and another 1,500 are on the anvil in the third phase.

“We are planning to cover even the ghat roads in a phased manner,” he said.

He said around 5,000 troops including special anti-robbery, law and order squads and an SPF contingent of 460 are deployed in addition to the existing TTD vigilance for the Srivari Brahmotsavams. Especially for Garuda Seva, an additional force of 1,256 people is being deployed.

He said the objective of the security forces is to reduce congestion and in that direction, vehicles and men will be stopped in Alipiri itself, if the crowds in Tirumala cross manageable limits.

The current month of Puratasi which is expected to attract massive number of devotees from Tamil Nadu is a challenge for TTD during Brahmotsavams, he said.

He said the Mada Street Galleries have a total capacity of 1.97 lakh but nearly 2.25 lakh could be managed by moving the crowds after East Mada Street Darshan, to allow devotees to wait (remarshalling) outside and also allow pilgrims to have vahana seva darshan at the North Mada Street junction points. Efforts have been made to assist two to three lakh pilgrims to attend Garuda seva, the most important event of the Brahmotsavams.

A do’s and don’ts chart is distributed to all security personnel to follow and ensure the comfort and convenience of devotees.

Special arrangements are made for press, police and employees via Bedi Anjaneya Temple via ES-7 and exit through gates ES-6.

During Brahmotsavams, special routes have also been set aside for devotees to enter Sarva Darshan queues via VQC-1 and 2 from the side of Gogarbham Dam at Varahaswamy Guest House, Narayanagiri Gardens, in avoiding the usual crowded Asthanamandaam, shopping complex and Lepakshi road.

The main hurdles and an eyesore for Tirumala is the threat of stranded chappals scattered everywhere in heaps, he said, adding that TTD is working out a plan to end the threat.

Second, he urged devotees to opt for steel or copper bottles instead of glass bottles instead of plastic bottles which are banned and also come with minimal luggage for convenience.

He said that to provide darshan to more people, TTD board canceled haratis on Garuda Seva day while on other days haratis would continue.

TTD also entered 24 swimmers during Chakra Snanam. Tirumala VGO Bali Reddy was also present.