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10 Similarities To Wizards Of Waverly Place

Disney Channel’s latest sci-fi sitcom, Villains of the Valley Seecreated on June 3. The show follows a family of supervillains in hiding after a fallout with the evil organization they were part of.

From the first episode, it was obvious that Villains of the Valley View draws inspiration from the Disney shows that came before it, especially The Wizards of Waverly Place. Besides the obvious similarities between the show’s titles and genre, Disney’s new show tackles conflict and explores complex character dynamics, much like its predecessor.


ten The secret

Split image of Jake looking worried in VOVV and Alex and Justin looking suspicious in WOWP

The Villain Family is on the run after Amy goes against the leader of their evil organization. While the family hides from their fellow villains, they must keep a low profile in the public eye and avoid attracting any super-powered individuals, good or bad.

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On the other hand, the Russo family must keep their magic secret to respect the rules of the wizarding world and protect themselves. Although the reasoning behind the secret of their powers is slightly different, villains and wizards know there would be serious consequences if found out. In both shows, a select few non-powered characters are told the truth, but they must also remain silent, for their safety and that of their friends.

9 The middle child is no good

Split image of Amy drawing on a photo of an elderly lady in VOVV and Alex leaning on her kitchen counter in WOWP

While the family is made up of villains, the middle child, Amy, is the most determined in her ways, eager to prove her abilities to the world. She enjoys being mean and taking advantage of others to achieve her goals.

Amy bears a striking resemblance to Alex from The Wizards of Waverly Place regarding his personality and his often selfish behavior. Alex is seen as a role model for young girls, but only because she’s able to grow up, and when it really matters, she does the right thing. Amy will no doubt continue to wreak havoc for quite a bit, especially with her hatred of heroes after her loss to Starling. However, with the common Disney Channel tropes already present in Bad guysit’s almost certain she’ll discover his goodness and become another great Disney role model.

8 The oldest child cares about being good

Split image of Justin in the lair in WOWP and Jake talking to Amy in VOVV

Jake is the eldest of the villainous family. Unlike Amy, he wants to be good. He cares about school and follows the rules. He sees their escape from the League Of Villains as an opportunity to rediscover himself as a good guy.

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Jake looks like Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Square because they both have this desire to follow the rules. This sometimes makes the character appear as a bore or fussy. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect and never hurt. Justin makes several mistakes that nearly destroy the world, and Jake accidentally sends his neighbor to another realm. They may not be as fun as their younger siblings, but their presence adds much-needed heart to the shows.

seven gay best friend

Split-Image of Hartley with sun hat in VOVV and Harper Finkle with bright outfit in WOWP

Hartley is the villain family’s new neighbor and she quickly befriends Amy and Jake. She is very perky and conscientious. She has a positive attitude and a nervous and excitable personality.

In the Wizards of Waverly Place, Harper Finkle is Alex’s best friend who is known for her wacky home outfits and over-the-top wit. Both Harper and Hartley know their best friends’ family secret and they keep it hidden, even if it takes them a while to get used to the truth. Although Alex begins to use her powers for the wrong reasons, the relationship she shares with Harper teaches her to be good. Amy and Hartley are at the very beginning of their friendship, but it’s clear that Hartley has already had an impact on her friend.

6 The lair

A split image of the Russo Wizard's Lair and VOVV's Villain Lair

After moving into their new home, Eva and Vic turn their basement into a villain’s den to store their gadgets and plan small acts of wickedness against their neighbors and each other.

It’s just another element of the show that seems to draw inspiration from the sitcoms that came before it. The Russo family also has a lair, although it has a slightly different purpose. Their lair is used for wizarding studies and houses several magical items, including a portal to the wizarding world. Also, instead of having their lair in the basement, it’s hidden away in their sub-shop cooler. Many of the show’s pivotal moments occur in the wizard’s lair, so it seems reasonable to assume that the lair of Villains of the Valley View will also be important for the plot.

5 The youngest child still masters his powers

Shared image of VOVV's Colby and WOWP's Max Russo

At the start of Disney’s new series, Colby finally gets his unique shape-shifting power. To compare, Max Russo only has a practice wand and he’s learning to do basic magic.

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Max and Colby both represent the youngest who goes through changes and has to adapt. They both encountered obstacles in their training phase, but they always recover. In The Wizards of Waverly Place, Max eventually outgrows his practice wand, but he doesn’t lose his charm and positivity. Whether Villains of the Valley View continues after the first season, I hope Colby will also keep his charm.

4 Doubtful parenthood

Split image of Russo parents in WOWP and mean mother with her wheel of torment on phone video in VOVV

Eva and Vic are the heads of the family, and despite being the worst villains in the world, they still love their children. Even so, they aren’t the best parents, probably due to their upbringing. Eva repeatedly threatens to be tortured, and Vic tends to think of her wishes before those of her children.

Jerry and Theresa aren’t even close to being the worst parents on TV, but they certainly have their moments, comparing Alex to Justin and often avoiding parenting. Being a Disney sitcom, most of these moments are played for laughs. However, Eva and Vic have precedent for their behavior, and learning how to do better will likely play a role in the necessary development of their character.

3 The younger brother becomes an animal

Split image of Russo kids buying a dragon/dog in WOWP and Colby as a turtle in a cage in VOVV

In the third episode of Villains of the Valley ViewJake accidentally injures his younger brother, and to avoid the inevitable questions that would come with a trip to the hospital, Colby transforms into a turtle and they go to the vet clinic.

This common thread comes directly from The Wizards of Waverly Place. In Season 1, Max transforms into a dog so the siblings can go backstage at a dog show. The animal shape-shifting storyline isn’t very common in sitcoms, and the fact that it’s the younger brother of both shows doing it to help their siblings makes this similarity huge and probably helpful.

2 Misused powers

Split image of Amy looking horrified in VOVV and Zeneca as a puppet in WOWP

In the second episode of Villains of the Valley View, Eva’s electrical powers multiply due to the Texas heat. In Episode 3, Jake aims a bench at his sister during an argument and unintentionally hurts his little brother.

Villains of the Valley View has only released a few episodes so far, but it’s clear from these examples that the villain family doesn’t have full control over their powers, or rather, they still have things to learn. Many of the top threads in The Wizards of Waverly Place – and all the best science fiction show concepts for kids – start with a mistake or a moment when the magic goes awry. If this new show continues on this trend, the stories they will be able to tell will increase in stakes and could reach levels of greatness Wizards was able to do it in his race.

1 science fiction convention

Split image of Russos at Comic Con in Wizards Of Waverly Place and Amy at ColossalCon in Villains Of Valley View

The fifth episode of Villains of the Valley View sees Jake, Amy, and Hartley visit the annual colossal-con, a convention for superhero fans to unite in the state of Texas.

In a season 2 episode of Wizards, the Russo family goes to their local convention to watch out for rogue wizards. This episode is essential for the series, because Alex finally reveals his secret to Harper. Bad guys mirrors this revelation when Amy’s nemesis seemingly discovers that Jake is a supervillain she once battled. From this episode, if the series continues to be inspired so clearly by The Wizards of Waverly Placefans and viewers are ready for a wild ride.

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