About us / Privacy

Watthai Net is a non-commercial website¬†that exists to help bring the Buddha’s teaching to people. The privacy and anonymity of online visitors to the pages is respected. No data about visitors, email addresses or statistics is given to any third party.

The only data that is stored permanently is email sent to webmaster@watthai.net. This is kept securely in the computer, which only the webmaster accesses, or on backups kept on the property.

Visits to the websites are logged, but ONLY for the purpose of identifying which countries visitors are from and which pages are accessed. This is so we can analyse which pages people find useful, and whether people from certain countries find certain pages useful, so we can improve the site if necessary. These logs contain NO information about the visitor, only their ISP’s IP address, which pages they visited at what time, and their type of browser. These log files are destroyed after 3 months.

It is theoretically conceivable that if this log data were combined with the log record from their ISP which contains details of what time they were logged on and what IP address they were allocated it would be possible to determine exactly who the individual person was who had visited the website. Watthai Net would cooperate in this with law enforcement agencies if necessary, but otherwise these log records would not be available to any third party.

We do NOT use “cookies”. These are widely used by commercial sites to download a small file to your computer which keeps track of every time you visit certain pages on their website, and uploads the data to the server. Watthai Net considers this practice unethical, as it can be used to build a profile about individual users.